Q: What is the difference between this style of massage and “therapeutic massage”?

A: In the English speaking world my style of massage would be called therapeutic massage. However, here in France the term “massage therapeutic”  is reserved exclusively for Masseur-Kinestherapeute whilst treating medical conditions following referral from a doctor.

Q: Can I treat your medical conditions?

A: No.

All medical issues should be referred to your doctor (Medecin Traitant) & seen by a physio (kines) under the Carte Vitale.

Examples of conditions that should be referred to your doctor include:

-All sudden, acute or trauma issues

-Suspected muscle, ligament or tendon tears

-Any condition associated with significant pain/swelling/inflammation etc

-Back or neck pain that refers beyond the hip/shoulder, especially when associated with “pins & needles”, numbness or weakness.

For further guidance feel free to contact me.

Q: Can I pay for these massages with the Carte Vitale or EHIC?

A: No. As outlined above, this is a wellness service (Bien Être) not a medical treatment.